Training Management
Made Simple

We take care of the the scheduling, administration & attendance tracking for all of your Learnerships, Skills Programmes & Apprenticeships.

Real Pain Points

We understand the amount of admin that is involved when running Learnerships, that’s why we’ve built a product that takes care of it all for you. Focus on what matters most, Training.


Our scheduling feature allows you to plan, organize, and coordinate your training classes with ease. Allowing facilitators and learners to quickly see what’s upcoming.

Attendance tracking

Say goodbye to the hassles of manual attendance tracking. No hard copies, lost attendance registers, and the headache of managing incorrect data. Get real-time, full visibility into who is present and who is slacking.

Excessive administration

With our solution, you can reduce the paperwork overload and enjoy a more streamlined and productive training experience.

Data Integrity

Single source of truth, ensuring data integrity throughout your training processes. No more scattered information, duplicated records, and data discrepancies, our platform centralizes all your training data for you.

Key Features

Our platform is specifically designed to simplify the scheduling, administration, tracking, and reporting processes for all of your Learnerships, Skills Programmes & Apprenticeships programme.

Geolocation Attendance Tracking

Track attendance with geo location to ensure that both the facilitators and learners are attending training sessions and workplace learning.

Workplace and Training Scheduling

Our scheduling tool makes it easy to plan and manage your education programmes. Set up training sessions, assign learners and facilitators, and stay on top of your schedule with ease.

Learner & Facilitator Management

Keep one single source of truth for all of your learners’ information and documentation. Monitor your projects and quickly manage dropoff and replacement throughout the project.

Statement of Results

Build out your Programmes, Modules and Unit of Standards. Capture grades and indicate competency.

Training Management Simplified

By providing access to multiple stakeholders and prioritising transparency, this ensures that no one is left behind and everyone is actively involved in the project. Fostering a collaborative environment enhances completion rates which leads to greater overall success and upliftment.

Tailored for Training Providers

Effortless efficiency. Remarkably robust. With our intuitive interface and comprehensive suite of features, we revolutionize the way you manage and optimize your training projects. Enjoy seamless functionality, continuous software enhancements, and a user experience second to none.

Enjoyed by Employers

Get a sneak peek into the progress of your training projects. Our powerful platform allows you to effortlessly track the drop-off rate and identify at-risk learners, giving you valuable insights to ensure project success.

Loved by Learners

Designed with learners in mind, allowing learners to access the platform anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Learners easily track attendance, view upcoming classes, and monitor their progress with ease.

Favoured by Facilitators

Experience the ease of accepting or declining training requests, accessing your schedule, and efficiently managing learner competencies in just a few clicks.

What our clients say

Inala has delivered beyond expectations! Not only has it boosted our internal efficiency, but the cost savings are already making a significant impact. Our training delivery is now more accurate, data-driven, and scalable, all while reducing administrative burdens. This translates to happier clients, happier learners, and a healthier bottom line!
After years of battling with Excel Sheets and manual processes, our training delivery finally feels...smooth. Implementing Inala has been a game-changer. Our data is centralised, attendance tracking is effortless, and generating reports takes minutes, not hours. It freed up so much time for my team to focus on what truly matters: supporting our learners effectively!

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